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Scale up Barcelona, a must for Growth.

Extract from BLE (Barcelona Loves Entrepreneurs)

The concept of Scale up has become a fantastically influential buzzword in the business world. It describes the process of growing and expanding your company to the next level.


Christopher Pommerening  of Active Venture Partners and Diego Fabra, of FabraDavies have put together a cracking conference called Scale up Barcelona, which unites 4 international giants of the scale up world and business legends to come and talk and  share insights with International entrepreneurs.

The Event to be held on Thursday May 11th in the Esade Business School “is a pretty unique, its the chance for businesses to get real concrete growth steps” explains Christopher. “We really wanted a less is more approach, so that you can walk away with something concrete a tangible and set about making changes in your company immediately,” says Christopher

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 “You´ll be able to rub elbows with Emmy Award winner Greg Brenneman, author of business bibles Right Away & All At Once, Five Steps to transform your Business and Enrich Your Life. We also have the crazy and hugely entertaining author of the Freak Factor the Comedian and entrepreneur Dave Rendall joining us, as well as making you think outside the box he leaves audiences in stitches”says Diego.

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Verne Harnish founder of the world-renowned Entrepreneurs’ Organization and chair of the “Birthing of Giants “for CEO´s. Also Carlos Muñoz the founder of Vueling will be sharing their experiences of scaling up with attendants in their own case studies too.

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“Scaling up is all about economic growth, it’s especially important now after so many companies were so hard hit but the crisis. I believe Scaling up has become imperative, its about changing your mindset and taking a more positive step into the future”. Christopher explains. 

New numbers from 2016 show that the Spanish economy has grown for the third year in a row. In that time, it has recovered around 80% of what it lost during the crisis, in real terms. Factoring in the effects of inflation, Spanish GDP has gained back practically 95% of what it lost. “This is amazing news and hopefully conferences like Scale will help incentivise economic growth in our local community,” says Diego

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For those of us who can t make the conference, we asked Diego Fabra to suggest some tips that entrpreneurs could start to do right now to scale up.

  1. A) Think Big and Act Bold, by this I mean try and open your mindset and open your horizons.
  2. B) Build A Public Profile, it’s people-to-people (P2P) world we live in and because you’re the leader of your company, other people (read: customers, investors, advisors, strategic partners) want to know you.
  3. C) Work On Your Business, Not In It, don t get so sucked into the day to day production that you loose the goalposts.
  4. D) Find And Establish Key Relationships And Networks, Put another way? It’s whom you know, events

Christopher Pommerening is Co-Founder & Managing Partner Active Venture Partners and Our Dream School MIT.

Diego Fabra is the CEO of FabraDavies and speaker, specialist in strategic branding and thought leadership events.



ESADE Auditorium | Av. de Pedralbes, 60 -62, Barcelona, MAY 11 th

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