I think having something to say is important, the Glowr Collection came from my absolute love of singing. I wanted to do a collection that paid tribute to my Welsh roots, a country knowned for its love of song. The Glowr chair is my interpretation of the wonderfully utilitarian stackable chairs that were found all across Wales in my childhood. Glowr means coal and one of the things that most moves me most in the world is to hear a choir of miners singing. Men who spend all day underground in the dark and come up and sing like angels with such passion and love that it makes your hair stand on end. Glowr is my tribute to them, a warm stackable durable chair that was sturdy yet warm and reliable. This is a chair to sit on sing with joy. The Collection comprises of a table, a high stool, a chair and a lounge chair, in stained beechwood with brass fixings. (Produced by Verges).

Selected by Masimo Dutti and AD magazine to represent, Spain in Milan Furniture Fair 2019