Everything I design starts with a story – in collaboration with skilled craftspeople I bring those stories to life for contemporary audiences.’

Welsh-born Claire Davies is one of the Spain’s most exciting furniture and creative designers, fusing a passion for timeless  British eccentricity with contemporary Barcelona design.

Claire Davies creates luxury collections of furniture and home accessories that are available globally and are also available directly from the designer.


Claire´s process starts with deeply knowing her clients, discovering how to amplify their potential. 

She distils their essence into a creative narrative, a space, a set design, a style or atmosphere that appeals to the audience and resonates.

She´s a magician of making the most of interiors and scenes, transforming them magically into atmospheric scenes.

Claire dvies Charlie interior
Claire Davies floral


Collaboration is at the heart of Claire Davies´s creative practice.

She has spent over two decades developing close relationships with brands all over the world, and works within equal partnerships, based on mutual trust and respect to bring contemporary design and creativity together with business goals, resulting in projects and initiatives that gain new relevance, fresh outlook and more success.