I can say with confidence Claire is one of the most engaging individuals I have ever worked with. She is incredibly multi- talented and a pioneer in intuitive branding. She stretches people´s potential both personally and professionally. There is no wonder Claire´s client list includes some of Europe´s premier brands. Marian Evans, UK Mentor of the year WIFFAA,


Claire Davies Consulting came about after years of helping companies inject more impact into their brands. Many directors and CEO´s of design, luxury lifestyle and technology brands would reach out to help them improve events or improve their products to get more sales or reshape their spaces to be more appealing and unique to customers. Basically they all wanted to stand out more, make more impact and somehow felt like they weren´t yet on full potential. They wanted to go from A to B faster with less fuss and more focus.

Consultancy is a role that seems to be the sum of 25 years helping people shine. Over the years I´ve adopted from trial and error my own holistic approach and methodology called Intuitive branding. It´s a more effective way of flagging up areas that do and don´t work and putting people in the shoes of their client to see things from outside of their own bubble. It is fun, deep, moving and effective. People respond well to the mix of common sense, creativity and energy coaching because it gives them a clear creative vision, so that they can more forward with a framework and create more success in the area they want to improve.

I work best-being face to face with the decision-makers of brands and institution that appreciate beauty, human kindness and appreciate quality.

My clients include Dutch Ministry of Health, United Nations, Barcelona Football Club, UK Mentor of the Year, Amazon, CGF, Kriskadecor, Elle Deco, Wallpaper, Frame, Casaviva, Pronovias, Mlove and many more.

Claire delivers on the basis of trust, respect and innate understanding of how to close the gap between client and agency, in order to bring the best out in people and business. She is generous with her time and energy, personable and highly creative. She nudged me to try something totally different with Amazon events and as a result we came out with results far better than I had ever predicted.                              Vicky Wilson, Head of European Events, Amazon Web Services,

We first asked Claire to come in as stylist to help us improve our catalogues and give our products more presence, two years later we asked her to be our Creative Director. She created a very clear creative strategy and successfully steered the whole company in the same direction. She saw our potential to shine, improved our existing image, created new products, oversaw new collections and styled and built new impactful product campaigns and put us on the map in the luxury bathroom world in Italy.  She is kind, clear, caring and impactful. Jordi Blanch, CEO Pomd´or

Claire´s work as creative stylist and designer is unique, she has an eye for seeing potential in spaces, objects and people. Marcel Benedito, Editor Casaviva Magazine, Proyecto Contract, Distrito Oficina

I´ve worked with Claire on many campaigns, she translates marketing objectives into a creative concepts and executes them with excellence.  She assumes responsibility from the first idea to the final detail. She is highly creative and her participation in a project is a guarantee for success. Magda de los Santos, Director of Marketing and Comunication, Pronovias Group

Claire was recommended to us as the ideal person to create a new in house collection of of metallic curtains . She knows the market, she has an effortless style and a great eye for coming design trends. I´m delighted to say the collection has sold all over the world and are favourites with top designers and architecture projects. She´s an expert and a nice person. Josep Maria Sans, CEO Kriskadecor

Claire introduced me to her method of intuitive branding, a truly miraculous method for discovering, creating and communicating your brand. You will find claire a competent guide in all its parts: the intuitive creative right brain sees pictures and left hand brain the systematic focus that puts structure into your dreams to get them into action. She is such a pleasure to work with, I can highly recommend her. Sylvia Rohde- Liebenau, Leadership and executive team coach, European Investment Bank, Luxembourg